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Escape Barcelona’s bustling energy with our day trips, revealing hidden gems and cultural wonders just a short journey away. Uncover Catalonia’s treasures with our expertly curated guides
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Don't miss out the opportunity to visit the best attractions in Barcelona.

Embark on a journey of exploration beyond the vibrant streets of Barcelona with our meticulously crafted day trips. Delve into the rich tapestry of Catalonia’s landscapes, from historic towns to picturesque countryside. Our expertly curated guides offer an immersive experience, combining cultural treasures, natural beauty, and local insights. Whether you seek the charm of medieval villages or the tranquility of scenic vistas, our day trips promise an enriching adventure, seamlessly extending the magic of Barcelona into the surrounding wonders of Catalonia.

Top day trips Barcelona


Montserrat is a place of devotion that has become an essential place to visit for pilgrims from all over the world and has one of the most fam… see more

La Roca Village

La Roca Village is characterized as one of the best places to shop offering a large number of brands and all kinds of services to its visitors… see more
girona river

Girona & Figueres

Girona is a historic city located in the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain. It is situated approximately 99 kilometers… see more

costa brava barcelona

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a picturesque coastal region located in the northeastern part of Catalonia, Spain. Translated as the “Rough Coast”… see more

andorra la vella landscape


Andorra is a small, landlocked principality located in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains, bordered by France to the north and Spain to the south… see more
the tarragona coast view

Tarragona & Sitges

Tarragona is a city located in the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain, along the Costa Daurada, which is known for its golden beaches… see more

Top day trips activities in Barcelona

Day Trip

Montserrat Tourist Bus

From 36€

Day trip

La Roca Village Shopping Express

From 10€

andorra day trip from barcelona

Day Trip

Andorra day trip from Barcelona

From 139€

costa brava day trip from barcelona

Day Trip

Costa Brava day trip from Barcelona

From 105€

day trip to tarragona from barcelona

Day Trip

Tarragona & Sitges day trip from Barcelona

From 98.50€

figueres day trip from barcelona

Day Trip

Griona & Figueres day trip from Barcelona

From 55€

FAQs about Barcelona's Day trips

Discover enchanting towns like Sitges, Figueres, and Tarragona, or explore the scenic landscapes of Costa Brava and the Montserrat Abbey.
Most day trip destinations are within a 1 to 2-hour journey from Barcelona, offering convenient and accessible options for exploring the region.
Yes, there are various guided day trips that provide informative tours, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for visitors.
Depending on the chosen destinations, some itineraries allow for visits to multiple places in a single day, providing a diverse experience.
Explore historic sites, museums, and architectural wonders in towns like Girona, Figueres, and Vic, each offering a unique cultural experience.
Absolutely! Day trip destinations such as PortAventura, the Dali Theatre-Museum, and the Caves of Salou are ideal for family adventures.
Yes, destinations like Montserrat offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical significance, allowing you to enjoy both aspects in one trip.
Adventure seekers can explore the hiking trails of Andorra, engage in water sports along the Costa Brava, or enjoy nature walks in Garrotxa Natural Park.
Many day trip destinations are accessible by train, bus, or a combination of both, making it easy for visitors to explore without a car.
Certainly! Tailor your day trip experience by choosing destinations, activities, and durations that suit your preferences with the flexibility to create a personalized itinerary.

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